What makes a perfect Khao Sok bungalow?  This is an important question to consider when visiting this amazing place.  Your accommodation has the potential to make or break a trip to this jungle paradise.  Here, a good night’s sleep and a full stomach are important to enjoying the activities that Khao Sok has to offer.  At the Riverside Cottages, we have come up with four criteria for guests to evaluate a Khao Sok bungalow:

  • Cleanliness
  • Location
  • Service
  • Food
Khao Sok bungalow


The cleanliness and safety of a Khao Sok bungalow should be a major consideration of anyone traveling to this remote jungle location.  The nearest hospital is 30 minutes away, and the nearest international hospital is almost 3 hours away in Phuket.  Therefore, keeping healthy and safe is

Khao Sok bungalow

a must.  Keeping a rainforest bungalow clean and safe is a constant struggle against nature, so it is important that your Khao Sok bungalow has been properly maintained and cleaned.  Be sure to check out reviews, both online and in travel guides!

We would urge guests not to be put off by insects, lizards or frogs in a bungalow.  This is completely natural, and comes with the territory when staying in the jungle!  These critters do not harm people, and are not carriers of any bacteria or disease.  It will be possible to find rooms built to keep the jungle life out, but these will tend to be in luxury resorts with a premium room rate.

Khao Sok bungalow location 

When choosing a Khao Sok bungalow for your stay, you will likely encounter accommodation along the Sok river, in the mountains, or in Khao Sok town.  The area around Khao Sok is breathtaking and there is a great potential for a beautiful natural setting everywhere.  However, simply building bungalows in a beautiful location does not guarantee a beautiful, natural setting.  Care must be taken to preserve existing natural features, and shape the resort around these.  Sadly, this is often overlooked as bungalow owners rush to build more and more units, or use less-natural materials to make bungalows more jungle-proof.  Row after row of concrete bungalows built on cleared land will lack the charm and natural beauty that Khao Sok is famous for.

Khao Sok bungalow

Khao Sok bungalow service

The human component of your Khao Sok bungalow experience is also very important.  Khao Sok does not offer many activities for travelers to do on their own.  Instead, activities are usually arranged through the accommodation.  This can be very helpful, but can also be challenging!  It all depends on the resort staff and the service they provide.  Look for a Khao Sok bungalow with consistently high marks for service.  An accommodation with an English-speaking front desk staff is especially helpful, and will eliminate a huge number of potential issues during your stay!


Khao Sok bungalow

Food is fuel for the body, and in the rainforest, the body needs quite a bit of fuel! Finding a Khao Sok bungalow with a good kitchen can therefore be a real positive for a Khao Sok trip. Beginning the day with a good breakfast, or ending the day with a delicious meal just a short walk from the room can be a real bonus for tired travelers. Finding a Khao Sok bungalow with a good kitchen can be quite easy: good food is almost always mentioned in reviews.

Be sure to select a place with a reputation for food that is clean, as well as delicious. An upset stomach or food poisoning is not something you want to experience in the jungle! In addition to food quality, it is also worth investigating the restaurant atmosphere and service. In such a beautiful location, it would be a shame to have a meal in a place that doesn’t make the most of it.

Khao Sok bungalow