The real name for this jungle hamlet is Klong Sok but travelers know it as Khao Sok village. It gets its name from the Sok River running through it. You will find Khao Sok village just outside the gates to the Khao Sok national park. It is the main base from which to venture into the park. There are many guesthouses, resorts and other holiday accommodation catering for the park visitors. Among these are tasty restaurants, relaxing cafes and useful shops.

How to get to Khao Sok village?

The village is situated on route 401, just 36 kilometers from the west coast town of Takua Pa. This road runs all the way across the Thailand peninsula to Surat Thani on the East coast. You will find many options from public buses to minivans and private transport. Find all the information you need here.

Khao Sok Village - National Park gates

What’s in Khao Sok village?

Well for one thing you won’t be short of eating opportunities. There are many choices from the cheapest roadside café to Italian restaurants and Pizza cafes. Right at the center is the Riverfront Resort and you will find the Rafflesia Restaurant, café and bar at the entrance. This is a prime spot right at the heart of the village with great views of the river. Just across the bridge you will find an excellent pizza place. In fact, as you wander around the village you will see the entrances to many resorts and most of them also have restaurants that are open to all.

Eating in khao Sok Village

Getting around

Most locations in Khao Sok village can be reached in foot, but there are great opportunities to explore the surrounding area too. Many people take the opportunity to enjoy the scenery by bicycle. There are loads of places to rent a bike. Many resorts offer them as a service.

Back down the road to route the 401 you will find a motorbike rental place. The Honda and Suzuki scooters are a great way to explore the village and its surroundings. Most resorts, hostels and guesthouses will arrange a motorbike for you. As with anywhere you should take great care driving as some of the roads are a bit narrow. Remember to drive on the LEFT in Thailand!

If driving or riding isn’t your thing then you can take advantage of the many minibuses and trucks that ferry travelers to and from the many activities and attractions in and around the village.

Riding a bike in Khao Sok
Rent a bike

Things to do at Khao Sok Village

Indeed, there are many activities available within just a short ride from the village. How about trying your hand at jungle cooking? This is a surprisingly enjoyable experience even if you are not that interested in cooking. You will learn quite a bit about local plants, vegetables, fruits and of course the herbs and spices that go into every delicious Thai dish.

Not far away is Sonchana Kao Sok elephant sanctuary. Here you can enjoy an up close and personal experience with elephants that have retired from working life. You won’t find parades, shows and elephant tricks performed for the entertainment of tourists here. No one rides on them either. Instead you can help prepare their meals and feed them. You will learn so much about these gentle giants here and at the end of the day why not take a refreshing bath with them in the river. A truly fabulous experience!

Many resorts offer short night safaris in the surrounding forests. At Khao Sok village you are never more than a short walk to the forests and jungles and they are teaming with wildlife. Much of it only comes out at night. With a head torch and an experienced guide, you will be amazed at the variety and volume of sights and sounds that you will experience.

Thai Cooking class
Khao Sok village elephants
Jungle safari

Khao Sok national park

Of course, the main attraction is the vast and exciting national park. Many people include an overnight stay on the floating bamboo huts. The boat rides across the Cheow Lan Lake will take you through incredible Karst scenery. There are amazing views at every turn of your head. Venturing further you can trek and hike for miles through unpopulated forests along jungle trails. However, you don’t have to enter the park to enjoy a good hike.

There are many trails that lead out from the village. Any resort or restaurant will be able to point you in the right direction. Unlike in the park you won’t need a guide on these trails and you are free to wander and discover the area on your own.

Khao Sok national park

The River Sok

The river not only offers relaxing views and gentle river sounds but also provides entertaining activities. Go swimming in the fresh water fed by the surrounding mountains. Take a canoe trip through plantations, farms and forests. Keep an eye out for monkeys lazing in the branches and snakes, birds and other wildlife that make the river banks their home. The village is the gateway to the national park.

The river actually rises in mountains to the west of Khao Sok and does not come from the park. It then flows east along route 401. At Ko Pak Ruap it joins the River Phun Duang which runs all the way to Surat Thani.

In Khao Sok village it is the backdrop to many resort balconies, restaurants and cafes. Most significantly it is your pathway to an amazing ride through the forests and jungles.  You can take a canoe trip from the bridge in the middle of the village. You will soon leave the village and wander through the grounds of several resorts even going as far as Riverside Cottages and a little beyond.

When there is enough water in the river you can also enjoy tubing down the river. Jump on an inflated rubber tube and gently rock and roll down the stream. This is a great adventure for all the family and all ages except for the very young.

Khao Sok national park
Sok river

In conclusion

Most people will arrive at Khao Sok village because they want to visit the national park. However many are surprised at just how much fun there is to be had without entering the park. There is such a great atmosphere with so many places to relax and enjoy swapping tales with fellow travellers. Add to that the fun and exciting adventures on the river and the surrounding attractions and you will remember your visit for much more than just the park.

Riverside Cottages is a short ride down the river from the center of the village and offers a totally unique experience that benefit from a close relationship with its surrounding forests and nature. If you are looking for social distancing surrounded by nature you have found it. At the same time we provide plenty of transport to take you into the village as well as the other attractions mentioned above.

We certainly look forward to welcoming you and we can provide you with everything you need to get the best value and the best experiences from your Khao Sok visit. Check out our packages page for more details or contact us for more information.