Every part of the world has been effected by the corona virus outbreak. So what can you expect when you visit Khao Sok after Covid-19? Read our blog to find out the latest news from Khao Sok after covid-19 and details of how Khao Sok Riverside Cottages are working to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Thailand and Covid-19

Thailand was very lucky to suffer minimal cases of Covid-19. As of mid-June Thailand recorded only 3129 cases of the disease. The population of Thailand is 66 million so that is a fantastic result. Also Khao Sok has reported no cases at all. Unlike in the cities, all the workers in Khao Sok are local people. This means that the population of Khao Sok did not need to travel back to their villages. Thailand were very quick to take action and close down the country to visitors. Once travel was restricted it has just been a matter of waiting until visitors are allowed back. Presently there is no Covid footprint here so Khao Sok after Covid-19 is one of the safest places to visit.

Thailand ranked 2nd best in the world

of 184 countries for COVID-19 recovery

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Open spaces Surrounded by nature

Perhaps another reason why Khao Sok is such a great place to visit in a post Covid world is that it is surrounded by wide open spaces and nature. No problem with social distancing here. With just a little bit of careful organization Khao Sok can accommodate visitors and maintain recommended social distancing. Even in the village there is space and the locals enjoy living outdoors or in covered, open spaces.

Khao Sok after Covid-19

The Khao Sok National park and Covid-19

Great news – The Park will open again on 1 July 2020.

The national parks of Thailand were closed to visitors early on after the outbreak of the disease. In fact since March 25 there have been no visitors to the Thai national parks. And what an effect it had. Rangers have spotted so many wild animals since the closures. Indeed the Director-general of the Department of National Parks, Thanya Netithammakun, stated “The absence of tourists leads to wildlife recovery. The animals seemed to be at peace during this time.” Now Thailand is considering closing the Parks during low season every year to encourage rejuvenation of the wildlife.

Khao Sok National Park have always taken care to limit the number of visitors to the park. Even so there are stories of rarely seen animals being sighted by park rangers. What a time to visit!! The park is usually teeming with wildlife. Now the chances of spotting more and rare animals, birds and plants is even greater. The thought of how it will be in September and October after the rains is very exciting.

All visitors to Khao Sok national park have always been monitored. It will be an easy matter to introduce temperature checks to keep the post Covid-19 visitors safe.

Khao Sok Safari
Cheow Lan lake One Day Tour

The Floating Bungalows

Have you been stuck inside and unable to travel? What could be more relaxing and rejuvenating than hanging out at the floating bungalows far out on the Cheow Larn Lake? It is easy to maintain social distancing here anyway. There will be a slight reduction in numbers so the accommodations will be great for a safe visit. Obviously there is plenty of room to swim and paddle a canoe.

The restaurant areas will ensure plenty of space between tables. The boats will ensure restricted numbers for each trip.

This has to be the most wonderful and natural way to social distance anywhere.

Khao Sok after covid-19
Khao Sok floating bungalows

Hiking and Trekking

The park covers over 700 square kilometers! 165 sq. km is covered by the amazing Cheow Lan Lake. The rest is made up of mountains and hills. These are covered by forests and jungle. There are so many hiking trails that you could hike all day and not see another person. In fact on the most popular hikes you will meet other trekkers but the paths are wide enough to pass sensibly and maintain safe distancing. Once you are out on the lake and deep in the forests Covid-19 will seem a very long way away.

Thailand forest tour
Khao Sok trekking

The village of Khao Sok after Covid-19

It has been very quiet in the village since they closed the park. It has been a good time to catch up with maintenance and repairs. Most of the resort owners have tried to support their staff during this time. You will find Khao Sok is very well prepared to welcome visitors again.

As we have noted above there have been no cases of Covid-19 in or around the village. There will not be a sudden return of workers since they are all local people anyway. In short, with care taken at airports on arrival, tourists will find Thailand one of the safest countries to visit after Covid-19. And Khao Sok is one of the best places to head to when you do visit Thailand.

Of course even without the park there are so many things to do in and around the village. Learn to cook the jungle way. Paddle along the Sok River. The elephant sanctuary will certainly be glad to see some visitors. They actually rely heavily on the tourists and not only for the money to feed and support the elephants. Elephants get used to having humans around. I am sure they are missing making friends with the visitors that normally come to see them.

Khao Sok elephants
Visit Thai Village

Khao Sok Riverside Cottages – Life after Covid-19

Here at Riverside Cottages we have been busy taking care to take measures to ensure the safety of our guests as well as our fabulous staff. We have already started temperature checks for the staff. Also, we check the temperature of all guests at the resort on arrival. We distribute sanitizers throughout and our staff also use them regularly throughout the day.

Your safety is our greatest concern. We have therefore made a few changes to the way we operate:

Social Distancing

We require our guests to keep a social distance of 1-2 meters from staff and other guests.  This is in line with recommended practices that are in force in all hotels, guesthouses and resorts in Thailand. Naturally our staff observe social distancing requirements when they carry out their work .

Free masks and Sanitizers

We will provide all our guests with a free face mask as well as hand sanitizer. Please use hand sanitizer before coming to the reception and restaurant.

Wearing face masks

Wear face masks when in the reception and on your way to and from your dining tables.

Temperature Checks

We will check your temperature upon check in and do the same for our staff each morning. We may ask to check your temperature at other times during your stay. The machines are easy to use and do not involve contact so it is a very small inconvenience.

Our Staff

All of our staff will wear masks at all times, including reception, restaurant, and the kitchen. Housekeeping staff wear mask and gloves at all times when cleaning the room before you arrive. Please help them to help you by observing our safety measures.

Room Cleaning

In accordance with public health guidelines, we will not be cleaning your room during your stay. Instead, we will provide new towels and drinking water upon request. Just let reception know if you need anything. Naturally our team will be thoroughly cleansing the rooms between guests.

The Riverside Cottages

Unlike some resorts there is plenty of space between our bungalows. They nestle in amongst the trees and gardens that make up the resort. Absolutely perfect for social distancing. You can still chat to your neighbors and people passing by while relaxing on your verandahs and decks. All our bungalows have lovely views and are just a short walk to reception and the communal areas.

You will easily be able to explore the grounds without any problems. Take a stroll down to the river and take in the scenery. Listen to the songs of birds, the gentle ripple of the river and the accompanying orchestra of insects.

khao sok national park hotels
Welcome to Khao Sok Riverside Cottages
Covid temperature check
Hand sanitizer
Riverside Cottages
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Khao Sok after Covid-19 – Conclusion

For many people the first half of 2020 has been a time of restricted travel. Many have had to endure long periods stuck at home. Even local parks and trails have been closed. So many of us will be looking forward to traveling again. We long to get back to nature and feel like the world is not completely crazy. We need to trek through forests and jungles witnessing amazing plants and animals. What a time to make your way to Khao Sok. We really have everything here to drive away the Covid-19 blues. Wide open spaces, incredible nature and a safe haven from the disease.

Safety will be high on the list of requirements when you travel next. There are hundreds of ideas about how to stay safe in a Covid world. However the one thing that most people agree with is that some sort of social distancing is the best way to contain the spread and stay safe. Khao Sok, the National Park, Cheow lan Lake and Riverside Cottages are perfect for this. You will hardly notice the few safety measures that we must take.

In fact in one way you will benefit. Less people means more wildlife it seems. Khao Sok is a nature lover’s paradise. What a treat it will be now after a time to reset and rejuvenate. Come visit with us and do the same – reset and rejuvenate after lock down. We can’t think of anywhere better to do it.

Khao Sok after covid-19