One of our favorite things about Khaosok is its versatility! It is the best family holiday Thailand has to offer. At Riverside Cottages, we take great pleasure in introducing children to the wonders of nature. You can also book a Khao Sok family room at our resort. Additionally, our staff can help you put together an amazing Khao Sok family tour! Keep reading to learn how visiting Khao Sok with children is not only possible, but a great idea. Need a family friendly Khao Sok itinerary? Read on to find out more.

Visiting Khao Sok with children – where to stay – Choose a Khao Sok family room

As parents, we understand that when on a family holiday Thailand with children, the first concern is safety, followed by good sleep. At Riverside Cottages, we have addressed both of these issues with large, secure and comfortable family bungalows. For families visiting Khao Sok with children that are too young to be left alone, we have Khao Sok family rooms that can sleep four people easily, and can have a mattress added to sleep another person! Our Riverside family rooms are especially popular for travelers making a Khao Sok family tour with small children.

Families visiting Khao Sok with children that are old enough to have a room to themselves will love our adjoined rooms. These rooms are separated by a wall and feature private bathrooms, but share a balcony and front porch. This makes them perfect for families with teenagers, where getting some privacy is a top priority!  You can find more information about our Khao Sok family room choices on our booking page!

Khao Sok Family room
Khao Sok Family room

Dining as a family in Khaosok

We know that a family holiday Thailand can be challenging for children, and even adults can find the spiciness of Thai food a challenge! With this in mind, we have adapted the menu of our Riverside Restaurant to suit the needs of our guests. Our ‘Pasta Nederland’ (Spaghetti with butter and cheese) is a huge hit with the kids, as are our banana pancakes! As parents, we also take great care to pick out the best quality juices we can. We don’t want our kids loading up on sugar and preservatives, and we feel the same about the children of our guests. This way everyone on a Khao Sok family tour can enjoy a meal in comfort, no matter how small.

khao sok with children - Family friendly restaurant

Traveling to Khao Sok with children isn’t all about the kids, though. Parents should be happy too!  Therefore, we make sure to keep the pantry stocked with fresh coffee, beer, and ingredients for other adult beverages. We also have a game library and chill-out zone so kids can have fun and hang out, while parents enjoy a relaxing evening just feet away.

Planning a family holiday Thailand in Khao Sok

This is actually easier than it sounds! When you book a Khao Sok family room with us, we will use our expertise as locals and parents to make the itinerary safe for kids, interesting for parents, and fun for everyone.  Keep reading for our favorite suggestions.

khao sok family tour
Khaosok cooking with kids
Kids cooking thai food

Jungle Activities

There is quite a bit to see in the jungle when visiting Khao Sok with children. This is where the magic of nature happens, and we hope all guests will spend time in the forest. We recommend a guided half-day hike in the park to start your Khao Sok family tour. Expect to see exotic plants, unusual birds, and maybe a few monkeys as well.

Pro Tip: For families with older children, bring a swimsuit and take a dip in the Khaosok river.

Once night falls, a family-friendly Khao Sok itinerary should include a night safari for children that are old enough!  This is the best way to see the smaller wildlife in Khaosok, and is great fun for anyone that isn’t bothered by the dark. A guide will take you into the forest, pointing out all the animals in search of an evening meal.

You can read more about Khao Sok trekking options here!

Family trip
Family friendly activities

River Activities

A guided canoe trip is possible year-round and takes your family through amazing jungle scenery. Guides make wonderful wildlife spotters, and will point out all the animals in the trees above.

River tubing is another great activity for families visiting Khao Sok with children. A guide will escort you on the river, ensuring you avoid all obstacles, and pointing out all the cool nature along the way. This is a more adventurous way to see the river, and great for kids that are decent swimmers.

Khaosok canoe trip

Cultural Activities

Our Elephant Retirement and Jungle Cooking activities are incredibly popular with families.  These should be a top consideration for anyone’s family-friendly Khao Sok itinerary.  Both activities involve personal interactions with locals, and include hands-on educational opportunities.  As a bonus, you get to wash an elephant or enjoy a wonderful dinner, depending on the activity.

Pro Tip: Do both!  You can combine these activities for a full-day of fantastic family-friendly fun!

Elephant refuge

Lake Trip

While the lake trip is one of the most popular activities in Khao Sok, we offer a word of caution for those on a Khao Sok family tour. The Cheow Lan lake is intensely rugged and isolated, and conditions at the floating bungalows reflect this.  As a result, an overnight trip with children might prove more difficult than fun. Additionally, the hikes at the lake are difficult, and could prove dangerous for those without the necessary strength or ability.  For this reason, we recommend that children under the age of 10 not participate in these hikes.  There is still plenty to do at the lake, however, and parents shouldn’t feel discouraged from making this trip with their children! We simply advocate a cautious approach, with healthy respect for the conditions at the lake. Any guests with questions or concerns are welcome to contact us, or speak with reception after arrival!

For anyone traveling to Khao Sok with children and planning on a lake trip, we urge you to spend a moment reading through our blog: Top Tips for your Cheow Larn Lake Trip!

Khaosok lake
Khaosok Lake

We’ll see you soon!

Whether booking your Khao Sok family room, or planning your family-friendly Khao Sok itinerary, we’ve got you covered! Our bungalows will keep you safe and comfortable.  The Riverside Cottages restaurant will keep your family happy and well-fed.  Our Khaosok activities will provide lasting memories that your family will treasure for years to come! We look forward to seeing you in Khaosok!