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Khao Sok Thailand Culture

Experience Thailand culture at it’s finest with these four activities. On the Village Visit, you can get to know the locals in Khao Sok and learn more about their way of life. Are you a big fan of Thai cuisine? If so, you can opt for a Thai Jungle-Cooking class with a local family. Alternately, you can pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage or a visit to the nearby Hot Springs.  Make your dreams come true when you book a room or tour package.

Thailand Culture – Massage

Thailand Culture Thai Massage
Thai Massage is considered among the best in the world, and is an integral part of Thailand culture. It is a soothing way to unwind in the jungle. Our trained masseuses offer traditional Thai style massage, or a more relaxing oil massage, all in the comfort of your room.

Learn more about Thai culture and massage at Wikipedia.

Duration: One hour

Tip: Our masseuses are professional and do not offer “happy endings”

Khao Sok Hot Springs

Thailand Culture Hot Springs

Looking for total relaxation?  The naturally heated water pours from the springs into tiled pools where you can sit and relax.  With a clean, modern style, the hot springs are a popular place for locals, so you get a taste of Thailand culture. The 15 minute drive from our resort includes a stop at a viewpoint with a dramatic vista of the Khao Sok valley.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Tip: The hot springs are popular with locals, so respect Thailand culture by wearing shorts and a shirt instead of a bikini.

Thailand Culture – Visit the Village

Thailand Culture, Village Visit

Very few visitors actually get to experience local culture. Working with the community of Khao Pang, we offer customized in-village programs.  Your local guide will take you on a walking tour to explore the temple, fruit orchards, and scenic hanging bridge. Join your host family to make a traditional Thai meal, with ingredients picked fresh from the garden. To extend the visit, you can do a homestay with your hosts.

Duration: depends on program

Tip: this is a non-touristic, beautiful way to experience Thailand culture!

Jungle-style Thai Cooking 

Thailand Culture Jungle Cooking
Visit a local family farm in Khao Sok and experience Thailand culture and food, jungle style! Immerse yourself in the beautiful jungle setting. Learn how to prepare local dishes using bamboo, banana leaves, and fresh herbs from the garden. You can choose whether you want to see how it is done, or go for a full-on cooking lesson. You will make rice in bamboo and the following dishes:
+ Turmeric grilled chicken
+ Tom Kha (coconut milk soup)
+ Green curry or Penang curry

Duration: 2-3 hours

Tip: Learn more, and see great photos of this activity on our Jungle Cooking in Khao Sok blog.

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