Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park video courtesy of ContemporaryNomad – View full video here

Home to the world’s oldest jungle ecosystem, Khao Sok National Park and surrounding area form a protected region of over 3,600 square kilometers. It features pristine jungle, waterfalls and swimming holes, and eye-catching limestone cliffs that rise sharply from the green canopy.

Overview of Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National Park has two main centers of activity at: the headquarters at Khao Sok town and the floating bungalows of Cheow Lan Lake, 65km to the east. Near the headquarters, hiking, river activities and elephant treks can be found, in addition to accommodation. Additionally, the lake can be visited on a day tour or you can stay overnight in a floating bungalow.


Khao Sok National Park is remote and massive, and as a result it is one of Thailand’s best places to see wildlife.  The park is home to gibbons, elephants, 5 types of monkey, plus several rare bird species. Most notably, it is one of the few places to see the different animals native to both the Malayan peninsula and the rest of Southeast Asia. The best time to see big animals is between February and May.

Unique Flora

Due to it’s size and location, there is a huge variety of plant life to be found in the jungle around Khao Sok.  This  includes some very unique species. Perhaps the most bizarre of these is the giant Rafflesia.  This is the world’s largest flower, and can reach a diameter of almost a meter. The Rafflesia blooms periodically between December and March along high mountain ridges.  As a result, a Rafflesia trek is one of Khao Sok’s most unique adventures.

Best time to visit Khao Sok National Park

Since many of Khao Sok’s classic activities require rain, you can visit the National Park all year. The “green season” is from May to October. Within this time, periods of wet and dry weather alternate. Most rain falls in June and September.  Consequently, this is the best time for river tubing.  Finally, from November through April the weather is generally dry and sunny.  For more information on the Khao Sok dry season, click here.

Activities at Khao Sok National Park

Trails lead to fantastic caves, swimming holes, and waterfalls. There are several shorter jungle hikes you can do by yourself, or with younger children. For longer treks and trips to the floating bungalows, we provide top-notch guides. For the truly adventurous, go camping overnight and learn jungle survival skills. Our Activities Page has full details on what to do in the park.

Your Accommodation in Khao Sok

After exploring Khao Sok National Park, our comfortable rooms provide the perfect place to relax. You will sleep in a private cottage, and can enjoy a tasty meal and cold beer in our restaurant.  Riverside Cottages makes an excellent base to experience the National Park.  Please contact us to book a room or a tour package.