Khao Sok Activities

Discover what to do during your visit to Thailand Khao Sok. Go on a Khao Sok safari and get to know some of the locals. Many of the animals venture out at night so a Khao Sok safari at night is a real adventure. If you are considering traveling to Thailand Khao Sok must be on your list of places to visit.

We have lots of water in various forms. Enjoy activities at the rivers and waterfalls as well as the unique tours on the Cheow Lan Lake. You can hike and trek to waterfalls in the forest. Take refreshing dips in natural bathing pools in the jungle. Canoe, swim and tube in and on the rivers. Take boat trips and visit the floating bungalows on the lake.

When you stay on the lake you can enjoy a Khao Sok safari in the early morning to witness the wonders of the National Park wildlife. When you are staying at Riverside Cottages you can go on a guided Khao Sok safari at night – an experience never to be forgotten.

Learn to cook either in the jungle or in the village. Enjoy traditional Thai massages at the resort. Spend some time getting to know the Asian elephant at the elephant retirement park. There really are so many things to do during your visit to Khao Sok. We promise you won’t get bored!!

Thai elephant – a guide to the best Kao Sok elephant sanctuary

For many guests visiting the Thailand jungle, visiting a Kao Sok elephant sanctuary is of great interest. This area has many options for a Khao Sok elephant experience. But are they truly ethical?  Not all camps are equal. Thai elephant experts encourage camps that use only local Kao Sok elephants, experienced mahouts, and a low-intensity schedule for the animals. The camps described below are essentially elephant retirement sanctuaries, providing a no-ride program that is fun for guests and the elephant alike. What to consider before a Khao Sok Elephant experience We recommend that the mindful traveler avoid camps [...]

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Bikes and boats – A Khao Sok Safari

Emmanuel Caristi shares insight from his recent Khao Sok safari with Riverside Cottages. We arrived to find wooden bungalows surrounded by tropical jungle, a place to find peace and reconnect with the nature. The accommodation was truly beautiful!  Rooms are made with natural materials and beds are comfortable. Best of all, the view from the windows makes you feel like you are in the heart of the rainforest! Khao Sok safari on two wheels - A bike adventure Our Khao Sok safari began with a bike trip. The resort’s in-house guide showed us through Khao [...]

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Khao Sok Elephant Retirement Sanctuary

What is the Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary & Retirement Park? The domestic Thai elephant typically has 2 choices – carry tourists on their back or pull logs out of the forest. As they age, these jobs become difficult and dangerous to their health.  This is true of the Khao Sok elephant.  In order to offer a better life we have created the Khao Sok elephant sanctuary or retirement park. Here we provide a safe space for the older Khao Sok elephant to enjoy life instead of working in exploitative situations. In addition to organic vegetables and fruit, our farm has plenty of space [...]

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Khao Sok Night Safari – Full Moon Party (of fear)

The air was alive with sound.  It hung around us, thick and warm, in the velvety air.  Chirping, humming, whirring, croaking and clicking in every pitch imaginable sounded from the darkened jungle close by.  We had stopped mid-step at a word from our guide.  Now we followed the beam of his headlamp, which illuminated two glowing eyes in the trees above.  We were twenty minutes into our Khao Sok night safari trekking adventure, and so far it had been an eye-opening experience! Khao Sok night safari: am I going to die? We had been hesitant to book [...]

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Jungle Cooking in Khao Sok

Nearly everyone that visits Thailand loves Thai food, and it is easy to understand why. Thailand’s abundance of herbs and spices make seasoning food easy. Additionally, Thais have mastered the art of blending these spices into masterworks of taste and texture. Spicy, sweet, sour, salty: every bite of a well-prepared Thai dish has a little of each. It is no surprise that Thai cooking courses are so popular among Westerners traveling here. Who doesn’t want to learn a little of this culinary magic to take home? Here at Khao Sok Riverside Cottages, we have our own twist on the standard Thai cooking course. [...]

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Khao Sok River Tubing

Khao Sok river tubing from the Riverside Cottages is a classic Khao Sok adventure!  Sitting on a large rubber tube, guests are borne downstream by cool, clear water.  During the activity, you will pass beneath soaring limestone cliffs covered in unique and bizarre flora.  Massive exotic hardwoods housing orchids, fragrant vines will stretch across the river, forming a leafy ceiling overhead.  Birds and butterflies flit across the water’s surface, and tubers might spot playing monkeys or sleeping snakes in the trees. Khao Sok river tubing is best during monsoon season, from June until November.  As a result of heavy rain, the river is [...]

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Khao Sok Canoe Trip – Sabai Sabai

A Khao Sok canoe trip is one of the staple activities for visitors.  Recently, we made a trip down the river and thought we would share our experience. We began our Khao Sok canoe trip after a short drive through wondrous scenery.  We enjoyed a climb down rock steps, which led to the river and our waiting canoes and guides.  Then, the guides handed out bags of fish food.  Instantly after throwing just a small handful into the river, a feeding frenzy erupted.  Brightly coloured fish made the water boil as they fought for food.  Have your camera at [...]

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Thailand Jungle Trekking

Khao Sok National Park is home to many wonders of nature, and some of the best Thailand jungle trekking available.  Rare and bizarre plants and animals call the peaks of the park’s mountains home.  Also, due to in inhospitable terrain, more species are undoubtedly awaiting discovery among Khao Sok’s famous limestone Karst formations. Of all these enchanting natural wonders, few capture the imagination quite like the Rafflesia Kerrii - the world’s largest ‘flower’.  Rafflesia Kerri is located high on mountain ridges, and is a genuine treasure of Khao Sok National Park.  Furthermore, it is visited by a surprisingly few number of intrepid visitors.  Recently, [...]

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