Khao Sok Accommodation at Riverside Cottages, Khao Sok Thailand

Overlooking the rainforest of Khao Sok Thailand, Riverside Cottages is the perfect place to explore, swim, and relax into nature. Our resort sits on the river a few kilometers from Khao Sok National Park headquarters, pleasantly apart from the noise of the town center.

Are you wondering where to stay in Khao Sok? Enjoy the best Khao Sok accommodation with comfortable traditional Thai rooms. We organize trekking, trips to Cheow Lan lake, and other Khao Sok tours.

Explore Thailand’s oldest and most diverse rainforest, where elephants still roam free. 

Riverside Cottages is less than 3 hours travel from Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Samui. We’ll pick you up for free at the local bus stop, and can also send a private car.

Why are we such a unique Khao Sok hotel?

We are a family-owned Khao Sok National Park resort. Our English-speaking staff will show you genuine hospitality from your first email to the time you check out. Your room will be clean, and your food delicious, so you can explore the park from a comfortable base.

We love Khao Sok and support responsible tourism. For example, we give back to the community and environment by building schools, training guides, and nature education.

Want the best price? Book a package!

Riverside Cottages Khao Sok National Park Resort

What to do in Khao Sok?

This area is a natural paradise and we look forward to sharing our favorite jungle hiking, elephant experiences, canoe trips, and floating bungalows with you. You can book one of our Khao Sok tour packages ahead of time, or choose your activities upon arrival.

First, spend half a day hiking in the National Park, then return to Riverside Cottages to enjoy a delicious lunch and swim in the river.

For spectacular views, spend a day or overnight at Khao Sok Lake.  Longtail boats will take you into the lake, surrounded by majestic cliffs covered in lush greenery. Eyes open, and keep a lookout for monkeys and gibbons swinging in the trees.

Be sure to visit our Blog Page for expert information. For example, our Top 6 Activities, and Top 3 Hikes are most informative. Also, don’t miss Local Wildlife, and finally the Cheow Larn Lake Checklist.

Best Khao Sok Activities

  1. Maximum Relaxation: Morning canoe trip, then an afternoon Massage; Evening at the Hot Springs.
  2. Scenic Adventure: Take a full day trip to Khao Sok Lake, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
  3. Ultimate kids’ day: Elephant Retirement, a canoe trip after lunch, then Jungle Cooking for dinner.
  4. Amazing Khao Sok: Morning guided jungle hike, and river tubing or canoe trip, then a Jungle Cooking lesson.
  5. You’ve earned it!: Full-day guided hike, evening Thai massage, followed by cocktails on the Riverside.

Why book a Khao Sok Tour Package?

  • Breakfast is included
  • Pre-booking means we can arrange tours in advance, ensuring availability
  • There are many options for Khao Sok National Park tours – contact us for a personalized package
  • You will have your own guide for all activities except for the lake tours, where you will join with a small group

Facilities at Riverside Cottages

  • WiFi, hot showers and powerful fans for comfort and convenience
  • Private, shaded verandas with a table and sofa or hammock
  • Walkways elevated above the jungle floor keep you in the jungle, without thinking about what’s under foot.
  • Our Riverside Restaurant has the best ambiance of any Khao Sok national park resort: watch monkeys play over breakfast; listen to a natural symphony over dinner
  • Lush, exotic gardens packed with jungle flora fill the generous spaces between cottages, creating perfect opportunities for nature-watching without leaving the resort

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How to choose a Khao Sok National Park resort

When you are searching for places to stay in Khao Sok Thailand, you will find a variety of options. You will also find that some resorts are near the entrance to the park and within the boundaries of Klong Sok village. However, other resorts are located in the the forests and orchards that surround the village. What they nearly all have in common is some proximity to the Sok River.

The Sok River provides a relaxing outlook when wining and dining but also provides some of the best local activities. To start, enjoy a guided canoe tour or get even more wet while tubing in rubber rings. All manner of jungle wildlife gathers at the river. Leaf monkeys and many tropical birds perch on tree branches, while frogs and fish inhabit the water.  Further upstream in the park, some of our largest friends, the Khao Sok elephants, cannot exist without regular access to water. Thus, they enjoy cooling down, cleaning and just having fun in the river.

The river changes quite a bit at different times of the year. For example, in the wet season the banks are full and perfect for “tubing” on rubber rings. On the other hand, in the drier seasons it is much calmer and more suitable to a relaxing dip.

Accommodation Khao Sok National Park

Most people journeying here are drawn to the wildlife, hiking and adventures available in the national park. While hiking normally starts from the park headquarters, most other activities originate elsewhere. Canoeing starts at one of the many bridges crossing the Sok River. On the other hand, Cheow Lan lake tours to the floating bungalows start an hours drive to the east at Rajaprabha Dam. When choosing where to stay in Khao Sok, look for the rooms and resort grounds the most appeal to you.  Riverside Cottages has plenty of shuttles to get you to the park and a variety of nearby highlights.

If you are looking for places to stay inside Khao Sok national park itself, you are limited to either jungle camping or heading to one of the floating bungalow facilities. Camping requires a private tour, whereas visitors wanting a Khao Sok Lake tour can join a group.

Cheow Lan Lake

It is fair to say that a visit to the Cheow Lan lake will be at the top of your list of things to do. The scenery is almost beyond belief.  For example, limestone karst cliffs rise sheer from the deep clear waters of the mighty Cheow Lan. Longtail boats cruise around ferrying people to the floating bungalows and ranger stations that populate the lake. To be sure, it is an experience never to be forgotten. We will be able to take care of all your arrangements when you arrive at Riverside Cottages. Either book a package in advance or talk to our friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff. Therefore, they love to show off their neighborhood and are proud to be part of this amazing adventure.

Khao Sok Riverside Cottages – Khao Sok Thailand

You will find that Riverside cottages provides the best of all worlds when looking for your Khao Sok national park resort. For instance, we are right next to the river. So, relax in our restaurant bar area and then go for a refreshing swim. Our staff arrange transport for our guests all around the area as well as for your inbound and onward journeys.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of the most amazing places you will visit. Are you looking for some adventure, incredible sights of nature and experiencing the places that you travel through? Then you are going to really enjoy Khao Sok Riverside Cottages and Khao Sok, Thailand. Furthermore, this is a natural playground which we love to share with our visitors. We will also help you make the most of your time here. For example, our staff and all the locals are dedicated to making sure you have a great time during your stay here.