Khao Sok trekking and hiking in the National Park is some of the best in Thailand. The rainforest around Khao Sok is home to an abundance of wildlife. You can hike to waterfalls, swimming holes and caves. You might encounter rare plants, including the giant Rafflesia flower.

Khao Sok trekking and hiking includes some local hikes that you can do by yourself. For other jungle treks we can arrange knowledgeable guides. At Riverside Cottages we offer half day and full day Khao Sok trekking and hiking tours and night safaris in the National Park. For the more adventurous, we can guide you deeper into the rainforest for overnight jungle camping or on an expedition to the rare Rafflesia flower. For Families, we are happy to recommend child-friendly hikes as well. Just book a room or a tour package and we’ll handle the rest. Read on for more, and be sure to visit our Top 3 Khao Sok jungle hikes post!

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Khao Sok Trekking near Riverside Cottages

Khao Sok Trekking with family
Within a minute of leaving the property at Riverside Cottages you can find yourself in the jungle. You will be surrounded by chirping cicadas, humming grasshoppers, colorful butterflies, and blooming flowers. This short walk along our nature trail is a self-guided introduction to the rainforest. Walk through an orchard of oil palm trees to reach the steep mountains made of limestone that stretch into the sky. Grab a map before your hike to learn more about the points of interest. These will include giant vines, bamboo groves, wild bananas and the strange pandanus tree. Our nature trail connects to other Khao Sok trekking trails leading to the town and the entrance to the National Park. Click here for more information on our Khao Sok nature trail!

Duration: 10-30 minute easy walk, longer if you continue to Khao Sok or the National Park.
Tip: You can make the hike a loop by walking/swimming back in the river.

Half Day Khao Sok Trekking and Hiking

Explore the wondrous jungle here. This family-friendly trek can be done with a guide or on your own. Request a Khao Sok trekking map at the National Park entrance to find swimming areas more easily! Waterfalls, natural swimming pools and lovely picnic points await you. An easy walk takes you through the rainforest to a wide swimming hole with a small waterfall above it. Feel free to trek at your leisure. Take time to examine unusual trees, such as the spikey-leafed Pandanus with fruits that look like pineapples. You might catch glimpses of shy leaf monkeys and huge, colorful butterflies. There are several natural pools where you can take a refreshing dip in the Sok River.

Duration: 2-4 hours easy to moderate hiking.
Tip: Don’t forget to bring money for the entrance ticket to the National Park.

Khao Sok Trekking with Deep Jungle Camping

Khao Sok Trekking Deep Jungle
Go into the heart of the rainforest for one or two nights. Highly experienced guides will accompany you deep into Khao Sok National Park. You will get to know about the plants and animals of the Thai jungle, and learn more about how to adapt to the tropical environment. Enjoy jungle-style Thai dishes, and spend a peaceful night sleeping in a hammock. Your guide will teach you how to stay alive, how to build a shelter, and how to cook with bamboo.

Duration: 1-2 nights, with a private guide and ranger.

Tip: This trip is for people who like being outdoors and are comfortable in nature. Looking for something like this?Be sure to read about our deep-jungle camping trip to the abandoned Chon Tin Mine!

Khao Sok Trekking Full Day Hike

Khao Sok Trekking Full Day
Enjoy a full day of Khao Sok trekking deep into Khao Sok National Park. As you walk along the path, your guide will give you interesting details on the different kinds of bamboo, orchids and lianas growing in the park. You can choose from several trekking route, including a cascading waterfall and sacred swimming pools. On your trek, keep your eyes open to see 3 species of monkey, giant hornbills, and even gibbons if you are lucky! Lunch will be delicious fried rice wrapped in a banana leaf.

Duration: 5-8 hours moderate to challenging hiking
Tip: Don’t forget to bring your swimming suit for a dip in the river and money for the entrance ticket to the National Park.

Interested in something special? Our staff can help you arrange some specialty hikes, such as the hike to the giant bamboo, or the little-known Bang-Man cave hike!

Rafflesia – Journey to the Giant Flower

Rafflesia Kerrii

High on on the forest ridges, the elusive Rafflesia is the largest flower in the world. Here in Khao Sok, Rafflesia blooms periodically from December to March. The plant’s giant red flowers have a diameter of up to 1 meter, and it’s thought to be a parasitic vine, but no one knows for sure. Hike to the ridge top with an expert guide to find this rare bloom, which lasts for only a few days in each location.

Duration: 2-4 hours strenuous hiking with steep hills.
Tip: This hike is for people who can hike up and down steep terrain.
Read our blog post for a full write up of the Rafflesia hike, and be sure to find out more about the Rafflesia flower.

Khao Sok Trekking and Night Safari

Jungle Tree Frogs
When darkness falls at Khao Sok Riverside Cottages, the jungle comes alive. Strap on your headlamp and join our guide for a night safari where you can spot bats swishing through the sky and owls perched in the trees. Be surrounded by the nightly concert of the cicadas and huge grasshoppers. Keep your eye out for the world’s smallest deer, a civet cat, and maybe even a slow loris!

Duration: 1-2 hours walking
Tip: Remember to stay quiet, and keep your light down so the guide can spot the wildlife. For more information, read our blog post!

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