Khao Sok Lake, also known as Cheow Lan Lake, is the highlight of Khao Sok National Park, and consequently, one of the most scenic places to visit in Thailand. Riverside Cottages arranges several Khao Sok lake tours. For example, a day trip with a visit to a cave, some trekking, time for a swim and lunch at a raft house. On the other hand, you can opt for an overnight Cheow Lan lake tour on which you will sleep in a floating bungalow. Riverside Cottages has selected the best Koh Sok National Park floating bungalows on Cheow Lan Lake for you. Overnight trips have a better chance of spotting wildlife in the early morning in addition to the late afternoon. We are also experts at arranging “wildlife explorer” safaris with private guides and, further, traditional Thai fishing tours.

Due to physical and movement requirements, some activities on the lake may not be appropriate for every guest.  We recommend guests with smaller children, and guests with difficulty moving contact us prior to booking a lake trip.

Full Day Khao Sok Lake Tour

With fairy-tale scenery of towering limestone cliffs and over 100 islands jutting skyward, Cheow Lan Lake is one of the most striking places on earth. Start the day with a drive from Khao Sok to a colorful local market, then cruise the lake in a traditional longtail boat. Swim in emerald green water. Choose between kayaking, hiking with a guide, or hanging at the Koh Sok National Park floating bungalows to relax and swim.

For those looking for unique animal watching opportunities, you can see leaf monkeys  and hornbills with greater ease than anywhere else in Thailand. You can book a 3 day tour that includes a visit to the lake – please see our Rainforest Adventure package.

Duration: 8:30am to about 6:00pm, with lunch and optional 2 hour trek.


This is the most family-friendly of the Khao Sok lake tours, especially if you sit out the hike.

You’ll want your camera to record the scenery, along with money for entrance to the National Park.

You can find more expert tips and useful information on the day trip to Cheow Lan see on our blog page!

Overnight at Khao Sok Lake Cheow Lan

Overnight Tour to Cheow Lan Lake
The best way to really appreciate Khao Sok lake is on the overnight tour. Your first day will include everything in the 1-day trip. Subsequently, go for a boat safari to spot wildlife such as monkeys, giant hornbills, and maybe elephants. Enjoy a fresh Thai dinner, for example, fish from the lake and stir-fried veggies. Spend the night under the stars in your own private Koh Sok National Park floating bungalow.

The next morning, go for a wildlife safari, and subsequently have breakfast and free time for relaxing, swimming, or kayaking. After a delicious lunch, your journey back to Riverside Cottages will be filled with views of towering limestone cliffs.

Duration: The trip starts at 9:00am on Day 1, and ends at 3:00pm on Day 2 at the resort.

Please note this Khao Sok Lake tour requires sharing a room with another person, and therefore, no single occupancy rooms are available.

You can book packages that include one night at the lake and one night at our resort, such as the Riverside & Rafthouse Tour. Likewise, the Grand Jungle Tour stays at the lake but includes a second night at Riverside. For more, you can find expert tips and useful information on the day trip to Cheow Lan Lake on our blog page!

Wildlife Explorer Special

Cheow Lan Lake Wildlife explorer tour
Go deep into Cheow Lan Lake, to a Wildlife Sanctuary raft house in the heart of the jungle. After a two hour boat ride to your floating bungalow, and then, take a hike and marvel at jungle. At sunset, set off in a slow boat with local spotters.  Above all, keep an eye out for hornbills, gibbons, and the wild gaur, which is a massive wild ox.  Spend the night in one of the more remote Cheow Lan Lake floating houses.

In the morning you can explore more of the lake by boat or take a deep jungle trek. This is a good trip for people willing to forego creature comforts, therefor experiencing the joy of remote wilderness.

Duration: 1-2 nights, with a private guide and boat to accompany you.

Tip: February-May is the best time to see big animals at the Khao Sok National Park lake.

Fishing Trip

Cheow Lan Lake Fishing Tour
Head out on this private Khao Sok lake tour for a fishing expedition with incredible scenery. First, the lake’s water is often calm, and therefore home to a variety of prized species of fish. Secondly, the trees submerged in the lake are ideal habitat for large fish populations.

Common species include jungle perch, river catfish, mahseer, and, moreover, three types of snakehead fish. Specifically, the giant and striped snakehead, along with the rare cobra snakehead are found at Khao Sok National Park Lake. Learn traditional Thai methods for finding the best spot as well as local techniques for baiting and luring. You can rent a fishing rod at the pier. However, you can also bring your own.

Duration: 1-2 nights, with a private guide and boat to accompany you.

Tip: We recommend Tam Gia raft house for fishing

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