At our Khao Sok resort, we achieve success through mindfulness, consideration, and good deeds. We strive to provide a setting that is enjoyable for our staff as well as our guests, and also contributes to the local community and environment

Environmental Sustainability

One of the fundamental beliefs governing the way we run our Khao Sok resort is environmental sustainability.  Specifically, we balance comfort for our guests and living in harmony with nature. As a result, we practice sustainability through minimized energy consumption at our Khao Sok resort.  

Our rooms are not equipped with TV or air-conditioning, and utilize efficient, eco-friendly LED bulbs.  Additionally, we make use of an extensive recycling program to reduce the amount of waste leaving our resort.  In conclusion, our guests can rest easily, knowing that we use their money to protect, rather than destroy this beautiful area.

Social Responsibility

Our Khao Sok resort employs local people, and makes their health, safety and fair treatment guiding principles.  Concurrently, we help build life skills with regular English lessons and hospitality training. 

Outside of our Khao Sok resort, we are involved in many social development initiatives.  For example, we support schools for disadvantaged children in rural areas of southern Thailand. Additionally, our resort is a core supporter of the North Andaman Network Foundation.  Through the foundation, we are directly involved in community development projects focusing on cultural exchange and preservation, and environmental conservation. 

For a glimpse of our sustainable, community-led tourism philosophy at work in Khao Sok, click here.

Meet the Riverside Cottages Team

Khao Sok Resort Family

Meet Tu, Bodhi, and Boon

With over 25 years of combined experience in the area, including tsunami relief and community development, Tu and Bodhi are deeply connected to Khao Sok. In addition to being adoring parents to their son Boon, they operate Riverside Cottages as a family-run business inspired by the principles of right livelihood.

Khao Sok Resort Staff

Meet Jeff

Jeff’s enthusiasm will make you immediately fall in love with Khao Sok. Have a question about the flora or fauna of the area?  Wondering about Thai culture or nearby attractions? Jeff will gladly share with you a wealth of information in one of the many languages he speaks – English, Dutch, German, or Thai.

Khao Sok Resort Staff

Meet Wanlop

If you wonder who makes everything work at our Khao Sok resort, Wanlop is probably behind it.  From the shuttle into town, to keeping the restaurant running smoothly, he is an indispensable part of the Riverside Team.  In Thai, we would refer to Wanlop as ‘jai dee,’ meaning ‘good hearted and kind.’