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These blogs are a selection about all other aspects of the Khao Sok jungle, Khao Sok and the National Park. Naturally we want to inspire people to visit Khao Sok.  However, more than that, we hope to bring people here that will truly appreciate the remoteness and the unspoiled nature of this unique place.

Khao Sok is ideal for travelers who really want to get to know the places that they visit. It is not so well suited to tourist that just want to visit places to consume. People that leave nothing behind except their rubbish. People that take nothing of their visit away with them except perhaps a suntan. The Khao Sok jungle is so much more than this. There are animals and plants that you might never see in the wild anywhere else. Of course the most famous of these are the Rafflesia and the wild Gaur but there are many others.

The Kaho Sok jungle surrounds and is a part of the very fabric of Khao Sok, the National Park and the mighty Cheow Lan lake. They are what sustain the incredible diversity of wildlife. Indeed their density is one of the reasons that this still remains one of the least trodden areas in Thailand.  For sure if you spend just a little time here you will be stepping where no other human foot has landed. You cannot say that about so many places in the world these days!!


How to find Khaosok – Koh Sok – Koh Sok national park

A guide to the mis-spellings of Khaosok, and how to find good info online! Almost everyone planning a trip to this area will research their trip on the internet. People often wonder how to spell the name of this area. Most commonly used is Khao Sok, followed by Koh Sok, and finally Khaosok. This can cause confusion for first time visitors, who frequently wonder how to actually spell Khao Sok? If you have ever visited Thailand, or encountered written Thai, you know that it does not use the Roman alphabet.  Thai has its own unique alphabet representing vowel and consonant sounds, many of [...]

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Khao Sok jungle hike: journey to the giant bamboo

In terms of an epic Khao Sok jungle hike, our recent trek to the ‘Chiang Ruun’ bamboo ranks among the best! The hike featured dense jungle with unique karst geography and flora, along with some truly bizarre insect sightings. Additionally, we saw the ‘Chiang Ruun’ bamboo, growing on a mountain ridge high atop a limestone karst mountain. ‘Chiang Ruun’ (ไผ่เฉียงรุน) is a member of the Dendrocalamus family. It is the largest species of bamboo in Thailand, and grows in only a few places throughout the south. One of the sites for this natural wonder is Klong Phanom National Park, just up the road [...]

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A Khao Sok Jungle Adventure: Journey to Meuang Chon

With the dry season on the way, travelers should begin thinking about their next Khao Sok jungle adventure!  We take adventures seriously at Khao Sok Riverside Cottages, and are always looking for new experiences to share with guests.  Therefore, we would like to tell you the story of our favorite Khao Sok jungle adventure to date.  That is, the trek to the old Chon Mining Area.  In brief, the adventure involves deep jungle camping, an abandoned tin mine in the mountains, towering waterfalls, and pristine nature.  We hope you’ll enjoy our story and consider making such an adventure the highlight of your next [...]

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Khao Sok jungle camping: Journey to the Chon Mining area, part 2

Our Khao Sok jungle camping trip continues... The trail away from the Dton Sai took us through dense forest as our Khao Sok jungle camping trip moved forward.  As we ascended the mountain, we couldn’t help but notice subtle changes taking place around us.  The types of trees were changing.  The colonies of moss, orchids and lichens were becoming thicker and more diverse.  The smells were different too, with sweeter forest perfumes drifting between the trees. In addition to the flora, the sounds of the forest were changing.  From insect chirping to bird song, there was a noticeable difference. [...]

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Khao Sok Park Cave Hike

We all hopped in the truck to head off to Khao Sok Park.  There, we would be hiking through dense Rainforest on the way to a little-known cave.  The staff at Khao Sok Riverside Cottages had arranged the trip.  Although most resorts here can arrange hikes, Riverside Cottages is one of the few that sends people to this part of the Rainforest.  Even though we had some great fried rice wrapped in banana leaves, we stopped grab some water and snacks.  It’s always good to have extra snacks! The trek begins in Khao Sok Park We arrived at the Khao [...]

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The Asian Elephant – Elephant Facts – Khao Sok National Park Elephant

Would you like to know more about the Khao Sok national park elephant? How much do you know about the Asian elephant? Having some knowledge of elephant facts will help you get the most from your Asian elephant experience. For example do you wonder ‘how much does an elephant weigh?’ How useful is an elephant trunk? How about the elephant diet? What makes up an elephant family? Who looks after the baby elephant? Understanding some elephant facts will prepare you for your Khao Sok national park elephant experience and help you to learn about the life of these special creatures. [...]

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