If you are looking for excitement in the jungle, adventures organized by Riverside Cottages provide the perfect start! In addition to canoe trips and river tubing, we also offer elephant bathing and bird watching – great ways to spend your days around Khao Sok Thailand! All of these tours are available when you book a room or a tour package.

Khao Sok Canoe Trip

Khao Sok Canoeing

This is a classic Khao Sok Thailand adventure. Hop in a canoe as your guide paddles the boat down the river, pointing out monkeys playing in the trees, brightly colored kingfishers, and snakes snoozing in the trees above.

During your journey, you will stop on the banks for a coffee break and a swim in the cool water. You’ll continue down the river to soak up stunning views of limestone cliffs and forested riverbanks. For more information on this excursion, check out our Sabai Sabai Khao Sok Canoe Trip blog post.

Duration: About one and one-half hours in the canoe, and fifteen minutes drive each way.

Tip: Relaxing for adults, exhilarating for kids, this activity is a favorite! Guests will only get wet if they want to, yet it is a good idea to bring a plastic bag to store electronics during the rainy season.

Khao Sok Thailand River Tubing

Khao Sok Thailand River Tubing

When the river is high enough, river tubing is a favorite Khao Sok Thailand adventure! Hop on a rubber tube at the top of the river and ride down it to Riverside Cottages. Since river tubing requires strong currents, guides will accompany you to make sure your ride is both fun AND safe! In the calmer parts of the river, they can point out monkeys, birds, and snakes sleeping in the trees.

For those who think they are too old for this kind of stuff, don’t be silly: be a kid again and tube the river! Check out our blog for more info.

Duration: 1-2 hours, depending on the speed of the river.

Tip: Because this trip encounters deep water and strong currents, it is recommended for people who are comfortable swimming.

Elephant Bathing and Elephant Experience

Elephant Retirement at Khao Sok Thailand

We do not offer elephant rides, but never fear, we have developed 2 truly delightful elephant-friendly experiences that are cruelty free.

Elephant Experience – Visit a family-run elephant camp, and learn what it’s like to own an elephant. This is a unique opportunity to feed, bathe, and care for one of nature’s most amazing creatures. Read more about the Elephant Retirement program here.

Elephant Bathing – if you want to spend a shorter amount of time with these gentle giants, this is a chance to see elephants at their most playful – watch out for splashing!

Duration: The drive is 20 minutes each way and you spend about 90 minutes with the elephant for the Elephant Experience, and about 45 minutes with the elephant for the bathing program.

Tip: both tours include a bathing activity, so bring a change of clothes and a towel!

Khao Sok Thailand Bird Watching

Khao Sok Bird Watching

Khao Sok Thailand is home to a wide variety of birds, including the great argus, hornbills, pittas, sunbirds, and other unusual species. In addition to year-round species, different migratory birds appear in the dry season (November to April) and during the monsoon (May to October).

Join our knowledgeable local guides on this excursion to learn about bird behavior and their unique calls. All ages will enjoy this adventure, which will likely include a few primate sightings as well.

Duration: Half day or full day.

Tip: Bring your own binoculars, and book in advance because our Khao Sok Thailand bird guide is often busy.

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