Hikes in Khao Sok

We have picked the Top 3 Hikes in Khao Sok. Leading through the depths of the jungle to reach waterfalls, swimming holes and caves! Spot unique animals and rare plants like the giant flower Rafflesia and listen to the never ceasing call of the jungle!

1 – Khao Sok Trekking with Deep Jungle Camping

Two-day deep jungle exploration, an adventure to remember! You will get to know about various plants and diverse animal kingdom of Thai jungle! Enjoy jungle-style Thai dishes as well, such as delicious sticky mango rice or fried rice wrapped in a banana leaf.

After a day long hike through deep jungle paths, spend a peaceful night sleeping in a hammock, under the stars! Expert guide will also teach tropical forest survival skills such as building a shelter, cooking with bamboo and the use of various plants!

Are you looking for something a bit more intense?  Ask the Riverside Cottages staff about setting up a multi-night camping trip!  A recent account of one trip can also be found in our ‘Meuang Chon’ camping trip blog: part 1 and part 2.

Adventure 90
Fitness 75

Duration: Two- Days

Hikes in Khao Sok

2 – Bang Man Cave Trail

Hike through the dense Rain forest and take time to examine unusual trees, such as the spiky-leafed Pandanus with fruits that look like pineapples. Look for the shy leaf monkeys and huge, colorful butterflies!

After a challenging hike through lush jungle, you will stop for exotic Thai lunch at an evergreen meadow. Relax at the campfire and drink some nice tea or coffee from bamboo cups!

Go deep inside a natural cave on paths lit by only your headlamp! Enjoy the coolness of the shadow and tranquility of this mysterious place! Let the guides spot spiders, frogs and cave crickets and learn about the spectacular geology of the cave!  

The rest of the hike leads through a stunning hilly terrain and is an awesome way to warm up after leaving the cave!  Intrigued?  Visit our blog post for a full write-up!

Adventure 85
Fitness 70

Duration: One- Day

Bang Man Cave Trail

3 – Create Your Own Adventure!

At Khao Sok Riverside Cottages we can customize your personal adventure and get you to the most unique places in the jungle. Maybe you want to explore rare species of flora?  If so, a half-day Rafflesia trek may be the answer.  Or perhaps a steep hike up to the world’s largest bamboo!  Maybe you are a waterfalls lover looking for a refreshing swim in a wild jungle pool. Contact Riverside Cottages team and we will arrange it for you!

Khao Sok National Park is home to a wide variety of waterfalls and caves. The best time to visit waterfalls like Bang Hua Rat and Wing Hin is during the rainy season. However some of them, such as the beautiful one-level waterfall Ton Kloi located 7km from the headquarters or Tharn Sawan, can be very dangerous when the Sok River is at full force and the jungle can be flooded.

Many mysterious caves are hiding in this virgin jungle. Thousands of bats are living in the dark along with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites growing below.  An abundance of choices guarantees your hiking route will make your experience in Khao Sok unique and unforgettable!

Pra Kay Petch Cave (diamond cave)

Pra Kay Petch Cave (Diamond cave)

Ton Kloi Waterfall

Ton Kloi Waterfall

Wing Hin Waterfall

Wing Hin Waterfall

Khao Sok National Park is the ultimate place for a nature adventure! You can enjoy swimming in secluded wild waterfall pool. Explore hidden caves or wander through the jungle looking for rare species of plants and animals!  Interested in more Khao Sok trekking?  Click here for information on all they types of Khao Sok treks we offer!

You can find the full activities list and suggested itineraries on Riverside Cottages website. Once you’re in Khao Sok our staff will make sure you get the most from your time here!

Find your perfect Khao Sok accommodation and dare to explore the depths of Khao Sok jungle!