Khao Sok Activities

Discover what to do during your visit to Thailand Khao Sok. Go on a Khao Sok safari and get to know some of the locals. Many of the animals venture out at night so a Khao Sok safari at night is a real adventure. If you are considering traveling to Thailand Khao Sok must be on your list of places to visit.

We have lots of water in various forms. Enjoy activities at the rivers and waterfalls as well as the unique tours on the Cheow Lan Lake. You can hike and trek to waterfalls in the forest. Take refreshing dips in natural bathing pools in the jungle. Canoe, swim and tube in and on the rivers. Take boat trips and visit the floating bungalows on the lake.

When you stay on the lake you can enjoy a Khao Sok safari in the early morning to witness the wonders of the National Park wildlife. When you are staying at Riverside Cottages you can go on a guided Khao Sok safari at night – an experience never to be forgotten.

Learn to cook either in the jungle or in the village. Enjoy traditional Thai massages at the resort. Spend some time getting to know the Asian elephant at the elephant retirement park. There really are so many things to do during your visit to Khao Sok. We promise you won’t get bored!!

Khao Sok Canoe Trip – Sabai Sabai

A Khao Sok canoe trip is one of the staple activities for visitors.  Recently, we made a trip down the river and thought we would share our experience. We began our Khao Sok canoe trip after a short drive through wondrous scenery.  We enjoyed a climb down rock steps, which led to the river and our waiting canoes and guides. Then, the guides handed out bags of fish food. Instantly after throwing just a small handful into the river, a feeding frenzy erupted.  Brightly coloured fish made the water boil as they fought for food.  Have your camera at [...]

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Thailand Jungle Trekking

Khao Sok National Park is home to many wonders of nature, and some of the best Thailand jungle trekking available.  Rare and bizarre plants and animals call the peaks of the park’s mountains home.  Also, due to in inhospitable terrain, more species are undoubtedly awaiting discovery among Khao Sok’s famous limestone Karst formations. Of all these enchanting natural wonders, few capture the imagination quite like the Rafflesia Kerrii - the world’s largest ‘flower’.  Rafflesia Kerri is located high on mountain ridges, and is a genuine treasure of Khao Sok National Park.  Furthermore, it is visited by a surprisingly few number of intrepid visitors.  Recently, [...]

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