Khao Sok river tubing from the Riverside Cottages is a classic Khao Sok adventure!  Sitting on a large rubber tube, guests are borne downstream by cool, clear water.  During the activity, you will pass beneath soaring limestone cliffs covered in unique and bizarre flora.  Massive exotic hardwoods housing orchids, fragrant vines will stretch across the river, forming a leafy ceiling overhead.  Birds and butterflies flit across the water’s surface, and tubers might spot playing monkeys or sleeping snakes in the trees.

Khao Sok river tubing is best during monsoon season, from June until November.  As a result of heavy rain, the river is high and the current is strong, and guests may encounter fallen trees or sunken bamboo.  Therefore, a guide will accompany your group to ensure safety at all times.

khao Sok River Tubing

Our Khao Sok river tubing activity begins and ends here at the Riverside Cottages. Our resort shuttle will take you to the bridge in town. Here, you will meet your guide with your tubes. Make sure to wear sun protection such as sunscreen, hat, long sleeves, etc…, in addition to your swimsuit. We do not recommend wearing flip-flops/slippers Feel free to wear shoes, shorts and shirts for the ride: the driver will collect all clothing and valuables and deliver them back to the reception desk.

khao Sok River Tubing
khao Sok River Tubing

Khao Sok River Tubing – Tips for the trip:

  • Be responsible for your own safety, and pay attention to your guide. Following the guide will help you to avoid dangerous obstacles like downed trees and submerged bamboo stands.
  • Keep your feet moving!  There are small pufferfish in the river here that might be tempted to give your toes a nibble.  The best way to avoid this is to kick and splash!
  • Avoid jumping or diving from the tube unless your guide does it first.  River water can hide sunken logs just under the surface.  Your Khao Sok river tubing guide will know where the best spots for swimming and diving are.
  • Avoid hanging branches, vines, and bamboo.  These can be tempting to grab, but many branches and vines have thorns, and bamboo can be quite sharp.
  • Sit naturally on the tube.  It is most comfortable with your butt in the middle, legs in front, back supported by the interior wall of the tube, and arms on either side.
  • Paddle backwards.  When you need to pilot your tube, sweep your hands through the water so that you move backwards.  This will move you quicker and easier than trying to paddle forward.

Enjoy the natural surroundings you’ll see on your Khao Sok river tubing trip! The trees above you house birds and monkeys along with orchids and exotic fruits and flowers. Rattan vines, giant Pandanus trees, and massive tropical hardwoods line the river. Additionally, keep an eye out for honey bee colonies high on the limestone cliffs!

You can find more information on Khao Sok river tubing on Riverside Cottages website.  Be sure to also check out our Khao Sok canoe trip, to arrive prepared for another great river adventure!  Once you’re in Khao Sok our staff will make sure you get the most from your time here!

Look out for monkeys

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