Best Activities in Khao Sok – Rivers and Lakes – A Personal Review

When planning a trip to Kao Sok there are certain checks on both your bucket list and your packing list that you do not want to miss! This unique Thai landscape offers a jungle adventure like that of no other. Prepare for some once in a lifetime experiences. Enjoy the untamed and wild nature of the climate and ecosystem. When visiting, you would do well to indulge in both the rugged treks as well as the lazy river tubing experiences. Get the most from what this area can offer you. The trips curated by the Riverside Cottages aim to bring you the perfect [...]

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A Guide to Khao Sok Village

The real name for this jungle hamlet is Klong Sok but travelers know it as Khao Sok village. It gets its name from the Sok River running through it. You will find Khao Sok village just outside the gates to the Khao Sok national park. It is the main base from which to venture into the park. There are many guesthouses, resorts and other holiday accommodation catering for the park visitors. Among these are tasty restaurants, relaxing cafes and useful shops. How to get to Khao Sok village? The village is situated on route 401, just 36 kilometers from [...]

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Top 6 activities in Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok NP is part of Thailand’s largest protected area. Within the unspoiled jungle, locals are leading a revolution in the quality of nature tourism. All Khao Sok national park activities are led by local community leaders and well trained guides with strong English language skills. There are just so many things to do in Khao Sok from a relaxing jungle cooking experience to a 10 day deep jungle survival tour! We have picked the Top 6 Activities in Khao Sok to suite everyone’s travel style! Adventure Culture Fitness 1 - Jungle Cooking In Khao Sok [...]

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