Where to stay in Khao Sok? The best Khao Sok National Park Hotels

Although we are blissfully far away from shopping malls and mega-resorts, travelers will find no shortage of accommodation here! Tucked amongst the mountains, visitors will find Khao Sok national park hotels with options for all budgets and travel styles. To help sort the wheat from the chaff, we have provided an overview of where to stay in Khao Sok! Here, you can find our recommendations of the best hostel, Khao Sok river lodge, and treehouses. We hope that you find it useful!

Where to stay in Khao Sok: Khao Sok River Lodges

The Sok River meanders lazily through the village and surrounding forest, and is a defining feature of the landscape. Wondering where to stay in Khao Sok that will allow amazing nature-watching and relaxing opportunities? A Khao Sok river lodge provides an amazing setting for enjoying these sights, and we have included three favorites here!

1. Khao Sok Riverside Cottages

With charming bungalows and an excellent riverside restaurant, the Riverside Cottages are a great choice for a Khao Sok river lodge. The resort has a back-to-basics feel, and promotes an authentic, nature-filled experience over luxurious amenities. At this resort, guests are able to enjoy all the benefits of a true Khao Sok national park hotel. Here, the river and surrounding forest have been left largely intact, allowing wildlife room to thrive. Guest reviews frequently mention monkeys playing on the opposite riverbank, and visitors love swimming at the private river beach.

The verdict: The perfect place for nature-minded travelers that are willing to sacrifice a few amenities for an authentic Khao Sok river lodge experience!

Learn more: https://www.khao-sok-riverside-cottages.com/

khao sok national park hotels
Khao Sok riverside restaurant
Khao Sok Riverside cottages - where to stay in Khao Sok
khao sok national park hotels

2. Khao Sok Riverfront Resort

This Khao Sok river lodge is located in the middle of the village, a moment’s walk from shops, restaurants, and the national park entrance! While this resort focuses on comfort over a closeness to nature, guests nonetheless enjoy the tropical garden setting and views of the national park. The resort’s Rafflesia café overlooks the Sok River, and receives excellent customer reviews. Additionally, the property features many bungalows and chill-out zones with river views. However, the feature that sets this resort apart from other river lodges is the amenities on offer. All rooms come equipped with free wifi and air-conditioning at no extra charge.

The verdict: Great for travelers looking for a convenient, comfortable Khao Sok river lodge, right in the middle of the village!

Learn more: https://www.khao-sok-hotel.com/

Khao Sok Riverfront - Khao Sok river lodge
Khao Sok Riverfront - Khao Sok river lodge
Riverfront Resort- Khao Sok river lodge
Riverfront Resort

3. Khao Sok Silver Cliff Resort

While not a Khao Sok river lodge in the same way that the Riverfront Resort or Riverside Cottages are, Silver Cliff Resort is worth mentioning for its charming bungalows and pretty stream that runs next to it. The resort features a handful of unique bungalows, tucked against a towering karst cliff with a stream . Guests enjoy spectacular views of the cliff face, along with the unique plants and animals that live there. Additionally the limited number of cottages available means lower guest numbers, which leads to a more peaceful accommodation! Previous guests rave about the hospitality and excellent service here, as well as the peaceful natural setting.

The verdict: A lovely, nature-focused alternative to the Khao Sok river lodge, complete with unique bungalows and gorgeous cliff-views!

Learn more: https://www.khaosoksilvercliffresort.com/

where to stay in khao sok - Silver Cliff
Silver Cliff Resort - khao sok national park hotels
Silver Cliff Resort
Silver Cliff Resort

Where to stay in Khao Sok on a budget: The best Hostels

If you are wondering where to stay that won’t break the bank, a hostel is worth investigating. Cheaper than Khao Sok national park hotels, the following hostels are our favorite due to their cleanliness, location, and budget prices!

1. Coco Khao Sok Hostel

Located just up the road from the national park entrance, this hostel provides great service, plus clean and safe accommodation for a very affordable price! Coco offers mixed dormitory rooms, as well an all-female room. Each guest has a bunk bed built with privacy in mind, complete with light, outlet and a personal locker. Bathrooms are shared, and feature hot water showers. Two qualities set Coco Khao Sok hostel apart from the competition. The first is the fantastic rear terrace with a beautiful view of the Sok valley and karst cliffs. This terrace has been outfitted with numerous jungle plants, and provides a perfect space to rest and relax! The second is Coco’s bakery, which offers fresh bread daily, along with great fresh coffee and homemade ice-cream. This high-quality food, on offer just downstairs is a huge plus for the budget adventurer!

The verdict: A top-notch Khao Sok national park hotel that checks all the boxes for a great price, as long as you don’t mind sharing a room!

Learn more: https://www.coco-khao-sok-hostel.com/

Coco hostel - khao sok national park hotels
Coco hostel
Coco - Khao Sok hostel
Coco - Khao Sok hostel

2. Sunshine Khao Sok Hostel

This is one of the most recent additions to the Khao Sok national park hotel scene, but is quickly gaining a reputation for good service and clean rooms. It is located closer to the National Park than Coco Hostel, just 200 meters from the entrance. Similar to Coco, the Sunshine Hostel makes our list due to its great service, lovely rooms, and budget prices. Guests here can recharge in comfort, saving their cash for the rainforest adventure of their dreams!

The verdict: A great option for budget travelers who prioritize adventures and activities over luxurious accommodation!

Learn more: https://sunshinekhaosokhostel.com/book-tours/

khao sok national park hotels
khao sok national park hotels
khao sok national park hotels
Where to stay in Khao Sok

Where to stay in Khao Sok: Treehouses

The term ‘treehouse’ brings to mind images of Tarzan and secluded sanctuaries among the tree tops! Amazingly enough, this isn’t too far off! For those wondering where to stay in Khao Sok that combines excellent service and tree-top living please read on. These Khao Sok national park hotels are not cheap, but if you have the means, they won’t disappoint!

1. Our Jungle House

One of the original Khao Sok national park hotels, Our Jungle House provides an amazing blend of luxury and nature! This resort offers beautifully crafted treehouses blended seamlessly into the rainforest. In addition, the resort could compete with a Khao Sok river lodge for their proximity to the water. It is located in a picturesque bend along the river, and features one of the most beautiful cliff-views anywhere. As a result of its long history, Our Jungle House’s staff has the experience necessary to provide first-class service to guests, even in the middle of the rainforest! Guests here enjoy excellent dining and the most unique treehouse setting in the area.

The verdict: Not budget-friendly, for good reason! Our Jungle House finds a great balance between comfort and nature.

Learn more: https://www.khaosokaccommodation.com/

Khao Sok river lodge
Our Jungle House
Our Jungle House
Khao Sok river lodge

2. Our Jungle Camp

Our Jungle Camp was built primarily as a camp for Thai children to visit and learn about sustainable, organic farming practices. Don’t let this deter you, however, as the no-expense-spared treehouse-style accommodation are charming and comfortable, and were built to attract western guests as well as student groups! Situated on an expansive property, Our Jungle Camp presents a unique opportunity to experience first-class eco-tourism. In addition to enjoying all of the standard activities on offer, this national park hotel features a working organic farm. Guests here can explore Thai fruit orchards and learn all about organic, sustainable agriculture. The farm isn’t the only attraction though! Guests will also enjoy excellent service, delicious food prepared with in a gourmet kitchen with home-grown ingredients, and lovely treehouse-style bungalows!

The verdict: Priced higher than other locations, but one of the coolest places to stay! Regardless of interest in organic farming practices, the Jungle Camp won’t disappoint.

Learn more: https://www.khaosokecoresort.com/

khao sok national park hotels - Our jungle camp
National park hotels - Our jungle camp
Our jungle camp
Our jungle camp

Where to stay in Khao Sok: The best budget accommodation

For travelers on the strictest of budgets, we recommend Green Mountain View Resort. It offers the basics: clean bungalows with mattresses, mosquito nets and cold-water showers. Bungalow walls are built with panels woven from strips of bamboo, which effects privacy more than safety. The resort is located away from the main village, in the shade of an impressive karst cliff. In addition to the low cost, we love the friendly, local feel of Green Mountain View. The resort exudes a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere, perfect for spending days relaxing at the cliff’s base!

The verdict: The place to go for travelers whose budget or travel style necessitates the most basic accommodation. Great local flavor, good nature, awesome price!

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/khaosokgreenmountain/

khao sok national park hotels - Green Mountain View


We hope that readers will find this list useful when choosing where to stay in here! Regardless of the resort, we urge all visitors to research this wonderful corner of southern Thailand. With a bit of research, we are confident that everyone visiting us will arrive well prepared to get the most from this incredible place! We hope to see you soon!